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Founded 40 years ago 

Manufacturer of measurement technology for elevators and escalators for over 20 years

Transporting people safely 

A breakthrough in cloud-based condition monitoring devices has led to a path-clearing transformation in the field of lift maintenance. The demand for lift companies and technicians to carry out maintenance in the context of networked monitoring systems is now stronger than ever! At Henning GmbH, we are consistently working on putting together and developing the know-how for this. 

We are making a substantial contribution to providing you with products which you are shaping the field of lift maintenance and making modern technologies available to your customers. Cloud-based monitoring devices and sensors are continually being developed and improved.

Our motto is “People in lifts – safe on every floor”. With this thought in mind we develop and sell products for the safe use of lifts from our Schwelm headquaters.


Henning GmbH is renowned around the world for its long-standing experience in the measurement, analysis and assessment of data of elevators and escalators. Our customers value our in-house development department for hardware, software and AI (Artificial Intelligence), which develops tailor-made solutions. Backed by profound knowledge of elevators and escalators and the growing demand for measurement technology, we are able to offer products that save time and costs during maintenance and servicing.

Leading edge through experience

We have been specialising in mobile measurement technology for lifts and escalators for many years. Thanks  to a compilation of data based on some years of analysis of elevators/lifts and escalators, our technicians were successful in developing sophisticated algorithms from actualdata and analysis of mobile acceleration measurement systems. Henning GmbH already effectively had the data used in condition monitoring.

Far ahead of the times 

From the start today’s WEARwatcher was far ahead of the times. The first condition monitoring project was successfully implemented as early as 2004 in cooperation with the BASF. This was well before intelligent networking of machines and processes with the help of information and communication technology was given a name and the designation of Industry 4.0.

Technologically, in a way we were too early to the market with our revolutionary system. In spite of this, condition monitoring continued to be internally developed in our company. In 2012, it was redesigned on the basis of the new available technologies (GSM, modems, cloud). In 2015, we presented a user-friendly system in the form of the WEARwatcher, where medium- and large-sized lift systems could easily be monitored.

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