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Henning Partner Program

Selling the WEARwatcher as a Partner of Henning

The Henning Partner Program is a firm partnership between you as a partner and Henning.

Our partners are more than distributors. They sell the WEARwatcher but have also the opportunity to develop themselves through trainings we provide and benefit from different advantages, such as Marketing support.

So as partner you work also on your background knowledge and understanding of the WEARwatcher.


Two different partner levels

Classic partner

  • Good partner benefits directly upon entry
  • Training program to be able to sell the WEARwatcher

Preferred partner

  • Greater benefits upon reaching targets
  • Extended training program

Your benefits as a partner

As part of the Henning Partner Program you benefit through various aspects. We provide for example material for your own marketing campaigns to our partners. Furthermore it is important for us to build up a good understanding of the product WEARwatcher as well as have a professional but also personal working connection to our partners. In close collaboration we want to develop our flagship product as well as you as a partner.

The benefits we provide to you are based on 5 pillars:

Financial Benefits

Financial benefits are provided to our Preferred Partners


We have different possibilities to support you in marketing the WEARwatcher

IT Tools

There are different IT-Tools, which give further details while using the WEARwatcher

Training & knowledge transfer

Because the WEARwatcher is a really complex product, we want to give our knowledge about it to you as a partner

Further benefits

There a few further benefits which support you in different ways. For further information you can contact Mr. Lossau personally

Requirements you should fullfil as a partner

Because of the WEARwatcher being a really complex and unique product there are different requirements you should fulfil as our partner. Of course we differ between our two partner levels. All the requirements for Classic Partners are also necessary for Preferred Partners. It is really important to us to decide individually and include the personal component, so please contact us for further information about the Henning Partner Program and our requirements.

In the program we decide between two different kinds of requirements

Entering the Partner Program

To make sure you are the right partner to join our program and work together with us

Being a partner of Henning

To assure the program and the cooperation is successful for you as a partner


Our training academy ensures that all our partners have the necessary knowledge about the WEARwatcher to be able to sell it optimally to end customers. In addition, we would like to give you as a partner the opportunity to further develop the knowledge of your employees and thus raise sales and support for our product to a new level.

Our own partner portal

The Academy is embedded in a partner portal. It enables a subject-specific exchange with other partners or with us.

Trainings in the program

The trainings are provided to you as a partner according to your partner level.
They should support the knowledge transfer and help the partners to understand the WEARwatcher in every detail.


We are happy answering any questions you may have about our Partner Program and providing you with further information material. Please do not hesitate to contact us.

Mr. Oliver Lossau

Head of partner program
Henning GmbH & Co. KG
Loher Str. 4
58332 Schwelm
Telefon +49 2336 9298 0
Fax +49 2336 9298 100

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